Trendcasting: Geological Genius

Jared Sherman Epps JSE Blue Agate Wall Bathroom Design Decor Trend

A large agate mural is the focal point of this breathtaking bathroom from JSE Interior Design. 

The design world’s flirtation with geological decor has grown into a full-blown love affair. Rock forms, minerals, geodes, and– most commonly– agate have truly stolen our hearts. Why are we so drawn to these elements? Take agate as an example. 

Agate is simultaneously chaotic and systematic; it forms highly irregular organic shapes, within which are aligned perfect parallel bands of color. This balance of tumult and order is so pleasing to the eye, I can’t imagine the design community will abandon the trend any time soon. 

JSE Interior Design, helmed by owner Jared Sherman Epps, created the breathtaking bathroom shown above. They used a custom waterproof panel from Alex Turco on the back wall of the shower in lieu of standard tiles. The freeform organic shape and vivid blue of the agate mural perfectly complement the room’s sleek minimalism. The oversized scale of the mural demands your attention, while beautifully framing the room’s two windows. 

Apparatus Studio Zak + Fox Gabriel Hendifar Strata Study Wallpaper Fabric Agate Geological Decor Design Trend

Strata Study wallpaper from Apparatus and Zak + Fox. Photographer Michael Wells. 

The Strata Study fabric and wallpaper from Apparatus Studio and Zak + Fox was inspired by stratification, the layering of sedimentary rock and soil which naturally occurs over time. Gabriel Hendifar, co-founder of Apparatus, hand-painted the design for Strata Study. Perhaps because it draws upon the immemorial process of geological formation, this design feels timeless. It pairs with traditional and contemporary pieces alike, as evidenced by the gorgeous dining room above. 


Studio Bijoux Etage Rug Agate Amethyst Azure Geode Geological Mineral Crystal Decor Design Trend

Agate-inspired rugs from Studio Bijoux. Pictured in the Amethyst and Azure colorways.

Studio Bijoux designs these eye-catching Étage rugs, which mimic slices of Brazilian agate.The Étage’s irregular shape sets it apart, but it is close enough to a circle that it is easy to incorporate into a room. The rugs come in a variety of sizes, so you could use them for a multitude of purposes– from grounding a seating area or at the center of an entrance foyer.

Tonic Living Marbleized Quartz Pillow Fabric Agate Geode Mineral Crystal Geological Design Decor Trend

A pillow in Marbleized Quartz fabric from Tonic Living.

Tonic Living‘s Marbleized Quartz fabric also capitalizes on the geological trend. It plays with the undulating curves in marble and quartz stones. The pattern reminds me of the beautiful marbled pages that grace the endpapers of antique books. Tonic Living’s Marbleized Quartz fabric has hints of metallic to add to the glam factor. I love this fabric in pillow form (above), but it would also make for gorgeous curtains or upholstery.

Rock On Kimberly McDonald Circa Wallcovering Lace Agate Natural Geode Geological Mineral Crystal Design Decor Trend

Rock On wallpaper from Circa Wallcovering in Natural colorway.

Rock On, the wallpaper featured above, is the product of a collaboration between jewelry designer Kimberly McDonald and Circa Wallcovering’s Jamie Adler. The design was inspired by agate lace, but the pattern has been mirrored over and over again to create a kaleidoscopic effect. The paper is printed on silver mylar to add a bit of sparkle and shine.

A large agate mural is the focal point of this breathtaking bathroom from JSE Interior Design.  The design world's flirt...

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The Lorimer Project Part II – Kilim Loveseat

Turkish Kilim Upholstery Loveseat Couch Bohemian

Work continues on the Lorimer Project, a two-bedroom apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Click here for an introduction to the project. As my client and I began to develop a design plan, we soon decided that the apartment’s main room needed a bold statement piece to anchor the seating area. My client loves Turkish kilims, traditional flatweave rugs which have been produced in much the same manner since ancient times. Flatweave rugs are thin enough to be used in lieu of conventional upholstery fabric, so I suggested we use kilim rugs to cover a loveseat. She loved the idea, and we got to work!

My first task was to find the perfect loveseat for the project. I hunted high and low, through vintage and new merchandise alike, in search of the right piece. In the end, I discovered Kim Salmela, a wonderfully imaginative furniture designer out of Los Angeles. Her pieces are hand crafted and highly customizable; and Kim’s own aesthetic is bold and globally inspired, so I knew she would understand our vision for the loveseat. 

Kim Salmela has a sizable selection of sofas– as well as chairs, headboards, benches, and more. My client ultimately chose the Evelyn Loveseat. She loved the loveseat’s modern lines, and the dimensions were just perfect for the space. 

Kilim Upholstery Loveseat Kim Salmela Evelyn

The Evelyn Loveseat in Yasmin Sea. Image courtesy of Kim Salmela Atelier.

Once we had selected the Evelyn, we were able to calculate the amount of material needed for upholstery and start the search for the perfect kilims. We ended up selecting two rugs, an eye pattern and a stripe. The rugs share the same color palette, and the bold linear stripe is a good balance to the concentric diamonds of the eye pattern. We knew these kilims would complement each other nicely.

Turkish Kilim Upholstery Loveseat Couch Rug

We shipped the rugs to Kim Salmela’s workshop in Los Angeles along with a digital rendering to illustrate how we would like to place the rugs. We wanted to use the eye pattern kilim to cover the sofa back and cushion and the striped kilim along the arms and front gusset. 

Kim and her upholsterers had the tricky task of sorting out exactly how to cut the panels. If the rugs had been divided the wrong way, there would not have been enough material to cover the entire loveseat. Kim and her team did a marvelous job realizing our vision and using the rugs to accentuate the Evelyn’s silhouette.

Kilim Upholstery Loveseat Sofa Bohemian Eclectic

The kilim loveseat during fabrication. Image courtesy of Kim Salmela Atelier.

And here is the final product! We couldn’t be happier with the kilim upholstery. My client loves having a special, one-of-a-kind piece. The loveseat perfectly suits her colorful bohemian style and sets the tone for the entire room.

In the next installment, I’ll show you how we incorporated the loveseat into the overall design scheme. Stay tuned!

Kilim Upholstery Loveseat Sofa Bohemian Eclectic Decor

Kilim Upholstery Loveseat Sofa Bohemian Eclectic Design Turkish Kilim Upholstery Loveseat Love Seat Sofa Couch Unconventional Upholstery Creative Upholstery Kim Salmela This Way Home Lorimer Project Williamsburg Brooklyn Bohemian Eclectic Decor Custom Kilim Upholstery Love Seat Boho Eclectic Design

Work continues on the Lorimer Project, a two-bedroom apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Click here for an introduction...

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