The Lorimer Project Part III – Design Plan

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We’re nearing the final stretch at the Lorimer Project! Click here to see parts I and II. The challenge was to turn a nondescript white shell of a condo into a place that would reflect my client’s style: colorful, creative, and bohemian.

She wanted a chic, unfussy, but collected look. We started by layering rich patterns and textures, then we combined rustic, age-worn, and hand-crafted items with polished, refined pieces. 

Boho Bohemian Eclectic Design Kilim

The design plan for the main room.

In the main room, we chose a white-washed wood paneled wallpaper which immediately added warmth and interest.  Our custom-designed kilim loveseat, with its bold colors and patterns, is balanced by a pair of laid-back leather and velvet armchairs. The Beni Ourain-inspired area rug is layered with a super soft faux sheepskin. Finally we interspersed metallic accents, like a vintage brass arc lamp and copper pendant lights, to give the room a touch of glamour.

To integrate the loveseat’s bright color palette into the dining area, we found a funky boucherouite rug with bands of pink, orange, blue, and green. We chose a marble-topped tulip table and a set of vintage industrial metal chairs to complete the dining area.

Boho Bohemian Eclectic Design Hanging Window Garden Succulents

5×4 hanging window garden.

The largest window in the main room faces an adjacent building. My client was unhappy with a completely unobstructed view into her apartment – but she wanted to preserve a more open look than window coverings would provide. I suggested a succulent window garden. We found brass planters from West Elm, measured out a 5×4 grid to cover her window, and filled the planters with succulents and moss. The result is a hanging screen that gives her some additional privacy and adds a lush, natural element to our design.

Bedroom Boho Bohemian Eclectic Design Black Walls

The design plan for the bedroom.

In the bedroom, we wanted to inject some glamour. We took our inspiration from the Hollywood Regency era, reflected in the flocked fan pattern wallpaper, brass accents, and vintage Rita Hayworth movie marquee poster. A rattan headboard from Serena & Lily and a kilim accent pillow give the room some natural textures.

The bedroom is small, so we needed a piece of furniture that could serve double duty as a nightstand and vanity. We ended up finding a vintage table from Brimfield Antique Market and giving it a mini makeover. We paired the table with a brass stool and vanity mirror.

Boho Bohemian Eclectic Design Geometric Wallpaper

And lastly, the art room. My client wanted bright, whimsical wallpaper to help inspire her art projects. We ended up designing our own colorful geometric pattern using Mur’s triangle decals. The decals are available in 11 different colors, so we played around with color combinations until we found a palette that worked just right. We also found a vintage industrial cabinet with metal baskets to store all of my client’s tools and supplies.

That’s a complete overview of our plans for the Lorimer Project. Be sure to check back soon to see the final reveal!