Quick & Dirty Bachelor Pad Makeover

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We all know guys like my recent clients: three bachelors who have been out of college for a number of years, but their apartment is still outfitted with broken Ikea furniture and family hand-me-downs.  My clients had a very small budget for decor, but they knew it was time for an upgrade. So I gave them a quick and dirty living room overhaul.


When I design on a budget, I like to outline general parameters for the room without setting my heart on anything too specific.  In this case, I wanted to create a sophisticated, but unfussy space, filled with natural materials and vintage accents.

My first purchase was a vintage leather couch on Craigslist for $400.  I love the warm medium tone of the leather.  We paired the couch with a grey loveseat, which we found at Target for $430.  The tailored look of the loveseat is a nice balance to the informality of the leather couch, but the loveseat’s tufted back is still a nod to the traditional. 

LoveseatBeforeAfter Trunk My next find was an antique wooden steamer trunk for $50 on Craigslist.  It has beautiful detailing– leather and nailhead trim, brass hardware, and an old monogram– and the dimensions are perfect for a coffee table.  Opposite the loveseat, I placed a pair of armchairs from Home Goods and a small antique table.  I found the 8×10 rug at Tuesday Morning for $235; it adds some much needed pattern to the room.  Lastly I picked up a few throw pillows to bring in more natural textures and pattern.  

There is still work to do, but this living room has taken a big step forward!

  PairChairs Pillow Overview


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  1. Wow, you did so much with so little! They may not stay bachelors for long if their dates think they have such good taste!

  2. Great work! I’ve seen a lot of sad, underutilized living rooms like the one up top, but it’s amazing how much of an improvement you made, and did it within the confines of their terms and budget. Nice to see a well designed room that retains its masculinity featured on a design blog, too. It’s like Trunk Club for bachelor pads!