Cover It with Cork

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Cork is a natural material culled from the bark of Quercus suber (Cork Oak). Cork’s unusual set of characteristics– buoyancy, impermeability, elasticity, low density, and fire retardancy– make it the perfect material for many products. I particularly love cork flooring and wall coverings. It’s environmentally friendly, highly durable, and sound absorbent. Not to mention, cork is available in countless styles and designs. Elegenat cork wallpaper. Source: Pierre Yovanovitch via The D Pages. A traditional, natural cork wall covering lends itself well to mid-century modern decor. Source: Hartmann & Forbes.  Anna French’s white cork wallpaper resembles birch bark. Thibaut’s Palm Springs Cork is stamped with a metallic gold overlay.  Cork flooring comes in an endless array of colors. This pistachio sample via APC Cork. BBS-AG produces this chic white plank flooring.