Bentwood Bench

Luca Thrifting 2 Comments

I found this sweet little bentwood bench at an antique store last weekend.  Luckily the caning is in perfect condition.  I think this piece would be the perfect addition to a foyer.



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  1. The bentwood bench is charming. And so is the mural on the wall behind! Was that a commissioned mural? If so, where is the artist based? A friend in Belmont, MA, has a lovely mural painted in the 1990s by an artist who came from Cape Cod. [Regarding another project, the Lorimer one, I think, you have certainly transformed the bedroom’s mood from starkly sharp (or sharply stark?) to cool and serene. About “organizing” – have you any examples of a space sans staircase? Urban apartments can be flat and of modest size, hence aching for imaginative solutions for storage. Granted, the apartment dweller must be disciplined about clutter. I’m still learning.]

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      Hi, Melissa. Thanks for your comment! The mural was commissioned. It was painted by an artist out of Cambridge, MA, who has since retired. It is in the style of Rufus Porter. The coolest thing about this mural is that it’s movable! It was painted on a canvas that was then applied to the wall, so that it can be taken down and rehung in the future. It has already been moved once, in fact!